Friday, 27 May 2022

MTTCC Theme #35 is Wreath(s)

 MTTCC #35 Wreath Theme

May 27, 2022 to June 9, 2022

12am CST/Chicago or 6am UK for 2 times zones used for the start/reveal and the closing of competition. 

Let's get creative with this: wreath on a door, at a window, above a fireplace, around a dog's neck or Rudolph's or a mounted deer head, etc.

Before you start making your themed Christmas cards, take a look at what the DT crew found time to craft Christmas wreath-wise=

DT inspiration projects:

Mags B Card 1

Mags B Card 2


Becca (card 1)

Meena Herale 

Becca (card 2, this time the wreath is around the deer's neck!)


Now it is time to craft. Come back here to link up your card's photo blog link using the Inlinkz tool address. 



On behalf of owner Shell S and the DT crew, 

we appreciate all of our readers, followers, and participants!

[MTTC, our sister blog, has a thank you occasion appreciation cards theme challenge that has 1 more week left to its deadline and then it will switch to a different theme in 1 week.]


Friday, 13 May 2022

MTTCC #34 Theme is Sled and or Sleigh

MTTCC #34 challenge theme = Sled or Sleigh; can be 1 or more

May 13-26, 2022

Some brainstorming thoughts on these related wintery topics include: Santa's sleigh, Rudolph and the team pulling Santa's sleigh, country scenes of a family or couple enjoying a sleigh ride, kids sledding, an old sled used as a porch decoration, etc. 

DT inspiration projects:

Mags B no 1

Mags B= no 2= Table decoration

I will fill these sleighs at Christmas with chocolates.


Becca (card 1)

Becca (card 2)

Meena Herale 


Didn't the DT crew provide quite an assortment of sleds and sleighs?!!?!!

Marvelous. Please take time to craft Christmas with us. This is another festive winter season activity and travel mode for those who get to enjoy snowy weather. Competition ends on May 26th at 12am CST/Chicago which is 6am UK time. You can enter 3 new themed Christmas cards/projects before the deadline. Use this Inlinkz tool address=



My Time To Craft Christmas challenge blog

#34 Theme is Sled and or Sleigh

May 13-26, 2022

Competition starts and ends on each of those dates at 12am CST/Chicago or 6am UK. Adjust accordingly to wherever you are in the world. 

This worldwide design team appreciates your support.


MTTCC #33 Top 3 Picks Announcement

 Top 3 Picks Announcement for MTTCC #33 challenge

Theme was Fireplace and/or Stocking(s)

There were only 3 entries so all 3 receive the Top 3 badge! :)

In order of their submissions:

#1= Liz W (Victorian quilted stocking)

#2= Silke (elf with a stocking)

#3= Susan R (vintage scenes)

Thanks for your time crafting Christmas for MTTCC challenge blog!


Friday, 29 April 2022

MTTCC #33 Theme is Fireplace Scene and or Stocking

  MTTCC #33 challenge theme of Fireplace Scene and/or Stocking(s) 

April 29- May 12, 2022

start and end times are same at 6am UK or 12am Central Time USA/Chicago

For this Christmas winter holiday theme, you may show a fireplace setting or stocking(s) or combine both. Who doesn't love having or wanting to have a fireplace to warm up on a cold winter night? Don't adults like having a stocking stuffed with goodies just as much as kids??? What will you choose to do for your Christmas card entry?

This is what the Design Team found time to craft=

DT inspiration projects:

Mags B card 1

Mags B card 2


Becca (card 1)

Becca (card 2)


These are fantastic and festive! Thanks DT! Meena's had a difficult day, so her project is halfway done, so I will edit it in when she's able to finish. Keep her in your thoughts! 

Wherever you are in the world, we hope you will find time to craft Christmas with us during the next 13 days! There's lots of possibilities with having the option of showing the stocking  or showing the fireplace or combining them. We can't wait to see your winter holiday cards!

Use the Inlinkz tool address that is provided after this. If and when the submissions reach 50, the Inlinkz will close. I/Becca will be monitoring throughout the 13 days to see if a 2nd link-up needs to be added. Competition starts at 6am UK, Friday April 29, 2022 (or 12am CST/Chicago) and it ends at the same times of day on Thursday, May 12, 2022. Best wishes!

LINK your card photo blog address/Flickr/Instagram=


We appreciate our MTTCC blog followers and participants for your support!

Let's make time to craft Christmas all year long. If you started with us in January, you should have 7 holiday cards made so far. If you make 1 for each remaining challenge before December 25, you should make a set of 15. Wouldn't that ease lots of stress in December?

Best wishes!

MTTCC owner Shell S and the DT 

Challenge #32 Bells Theme Top 3 Picks Announcement

MTTCC #32 Challenge ended about 19 1/2 hours ago!

There were 6 entries from 5 crafters. It is my/Becca's turn to pick, so I will focus on 3 projects. However it isn't easy when all 6 Christmas cards were spectacular! Thanks to each of you for your quality holiday cards!

Top 3 bragging rights go to these 3 crafters (by their order of entry submission):

#1= Alex; he fussy cut his bell image and then surrounded it with an amazing embossed border

#2= Lori P; she included a small jingle bell tied in the red bow at the top center of her holiday card

#4= Meg; she did a split image layering of her bell image


MTTCC's Top 3 badge (for you 3 to copy and paste to your blogs)=

#33 Theme Challenge will be released in just over 2 hours so make sure to read the posting to find out what the holiday topic is. 

Thanks to the 5 crafters for your support of MTTCC!

On behalf of owner Shell S and the rest of the DT crew, Becca S.