Friday 5 January 2024

MTTCC #76 HNY 2024 theme Top 3 Picks announcement

Announcement: MTTCC's Top 3 Picks for theme #76 are ready! 

Theme #76 ended at 12:00am CT/Chicago or 6am UK times earlier today, Thursday, January 4, 2024. 

DT member Granmargaret suggested this theme and she has awarded these three wonderfully talented artisans:

Ans, Silke, and Leslie R!!! Congrats! 

Bragging rights badge:

Here are some small peeks at the #76 themed projects 

Top 3 for New Years cards in this order by DT. Granmargaret:

 12 Ans Gilbert

8 Silke

10 L Rose Creates

These are marvelous New Year 2024 themed cards!!! What a way to end 2023 and begin 2024!!!


Sorry. I'm having some issues with my computer mouse and it's putting me behind schedule. 

For now, 

thanks for #76 participants and especially these 3 talented artisans: Leslie Rose, Silke, and Ans!!!

--Becca for MTTCC

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Leslie said...

Thank You for choosing my card as a top 3.